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This is your welcome message. It appears on the index page.We are the home of 2 authors from among our 99 members. There have been 313935 reviews written about our 194 stories consisting of 272 chapters and 913580 words. A special welcome to our newest member, aike.
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Pickle Sandwiches and Root Beer by Mnemosyne PG
Future fic. Maria, Tess, and Liz are pregnant. Michael, Kyle, and Max go shopping...
Main Categories
Andromeda [1] Based on the Gene Roddenberry series
Harry Potter [25] Based on the JK Rowling series of books, and the associated film adaptations
Lord of the Rings [5] Based on the classic Tolkien series, as well as the film adaptations
Space: Above and Beyond [1] Based on the short-lived Fox series
Battlestar Galactica [5] Based on the new Sci-Fi Channel remake of the classic series
Heroes [6] Stories based on the NBC television series "Heroes."
LOST [27] Based on the ABC television series
Stargate: Atlantis [1] Fanfic based on the Sci-Fi Channel series.
Chronicles of Narnia [2] Based on the classic series of novels by CS Lewis, and the subsequent film adaptations
The Inside [2] Stories based on the short lived Fox TV series
Mighty Ducks [2] Based on the Disney live action movies
Star Trek: Enterprise [9] Based on the prequel series
Firefly/Serenity [27] Fanfiction based on the Joss Whedon series and film.
Invisible Man [1] Based on the Sci-Fi Channel series
Roswell [48] Based on the TV series by Jason Katims
X-Files [1] Based on the cult classic Fox series
Hana Yori Dango [2] Based on the Jdrama rendition of the original manga.
King Arthur [6] Based on the film starring Clive Owen, Ioan Gruffudd and Keira Knightley.
RPF (Real Person Fic) [22] Fictional stories involving real people. NO OFFENSE IS INTENDED, and these stories SHOULD NOT be taken as true accounts.
Young Riders [2] Fanfiction based on the television series
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Why Wide-Eyed Wanderers Should Wear Leashes by Mnemosyne G
Ohno meets the crew of Serenity. Mal gets annoyed.
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Welcome, one and all, to the grand opening of The Seventeenth Ring!

I hope you enjoy your stay!

- -Mnemosyne on 01/22/06 4:26 PM [26 Comments]
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